We know Japanese can be a bit difficult for those of us who aren't native, so we'll try to summarize the site in English on this page. If you would like to contact us in English, please send us a short email to "info@mpfj.jp" and we will have one of our English speaking staff get in touch within 24hrs!

Quick Facts About Our Gyms


  2. A single member key unlocks the doors at all of our facilities.

  3. All of our gyms are open 24hrs/day and 365 days/year.

  4. Our Kusanagi Gym is located within a 5 minute walk from Kusanagi JR Station. 

  5. Our Shizuoka Gym is located about 900m from the South Exit of Shizuoka Station.

  6. Both of our gyms have a full line of Free Weights, Plate Loaded Machines, Weight Stack Machines, and Cardio Machines.

  7. Our Kusanagi Gym has a full-court basketball court inside the facility.

  8. Our Shizuoka Gym has a Studio for Yoga and Aerobics classes. 

  9. Our Shizuoka Gym also has a Cross Fitness Zone with a Jungle Gym, Heavy Bags, TRX, Platforms, Rowing Machines, and Climbing Ropes. 


  • Gym Membership is only ¥6,400+tax/month

  • Monthly bank transfer fee of ¥150/month

  • One time - Initial Registration fee is only ¥2000

  • One time - Initial Key Deposit of ¥1000 that will be returned to the member if key is returned in the event of member retiring from the gym

Who Can Join

  • Our gym membership is open to anyone 16yrs of age and older.

  • ​Anyone under 18yrs old will require parental permission in order to become a member.

  • ​We want to encourage families to exercise and play together, therefore, our Kusanagi Gym allows for parents to bring their children under 16yrs of age with them to use the basketball court together free of charge. While in the gym, however, children under 16 must remain with their parent at all times and cannot cause any kind of disturbance that might bother other gym members.

  • Members can also bring guests to the gym for a fee of ¥2,000 per guest per day.

When/Where Can You Register

  • Staff Hours

   Monday-Friday:          11:00-20:00
   Weekends & Holidays:11:00-17:00


  • Registration Location:

​​​ Come to either gym during staff hours and ring the doorbell. Please note that the Shizuoka Gym location will not be staffed until Pre-Open starting at the end of June, however, you can go ahead and sign up at our Kusanagi location. Also, any adjustments to your membership such as address changes, cancellation, etc, must be performed at the same location in which you signed up.

What to Bring with You When You Come to Register

  1. Photo ID (Passport, Residency Card, Driver's License, etc.)​

  2. Your bank cash card (atm card) or your bank book ("tsuchou") to set up direct debit of monthly membership fees. We can use either, but for non-Japanese citizens, your Bank Book ("tsuchou") is preferred because of the need to exactly match the name registered to your bank account.

  3. Your seal (inkan/hanko) which is registered with your bank account (This is also required to set up direct debit)